Energy Into Your Life

Make space for more energy to flow into your life

“Your energy determines your success or failure in life” ~ Les Flitcroft

Every aspect of our life requires energy or life’s natural force to function and thrive.

We all talk about energy, even if we don’t realise it. How often do we hear ourselves saying “ I haven’t got the energy today”, maybe we have days when we are “full of energy”. Either way there is always room for more energy to flow into our lives.

“The body is a “living” battery that requires constant recharging” ~ Master Cho Kok Sui

Energy is pervasive and affects every area of your life – health, relationships, finances and spirituality.

By understanding about energy, we can learn how to make space for more energy in our busy lives. The more energy we have, the more we can achieve.

The word “energy” is known around the world by different names: ‘Prana’ is the Sanskrit word for energy, ‘Chi’ is Chinese (Tai Chi) and ‘Ki’ is the Japanese word (Aikido).

Our systems draw in energy from different sources. The sun provides solar prana, we breathe in air prana via our lungs, subconsciously draw in prana from the ground via our feet, and nature is also a source of prana.

Have you noticed how on a sunny day you can feel more energised and uplifted than on a day when the weather is bad? Many people become unwell, not because there has been a change in temperature but could also be because of a decrease in solar and air prana. This can be counteracted by consciously absorbing prana in to our systems.

We can make space for more energy to flow into our systems by learning the tools and techniques taught in Pranic Healing® and adopting them into our daily life.

Discover Pranic Healing® today! Discover a system of self-development and self-care that is so effective to millions of people around the world who are already using this system!

Experience it for yourself and be amazed at how it can Transform how you think and feel.

“Live an intense extraordinary life. It makes life more interesting” ~ Master Choa Kok Sui


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