Arguing with Anger

Frequent anger brings bad luck. Use your head. Minimise anger. The purpose is not to surpress emotions, but to regulate them” MCKS

How has your day been so far? Have you found yourself getting wound up by something or someone?

It can be easy to let things wind you up.

Take these examples…
Has someone cancelled on you recently and messed up your plans?
Has someone cut you up in traffic?
Has someone annoyed you with there words or behaviour?

What was your response?

How you react can have an impact not only on your outlook for the rest of the day but also on your health for the rest of your life.

Everything is energy, including anger. Holding on to anger can be like holding on to a piece of hot coal and not expecting to get burnt.
How long will you let it bother you?
How long will you allow it to eat you up?
After a while it really will affect you….ask yourself ‘Is it worth it?’

It is possible to let go of anger, it might take sometime but the benefits to you when you do let go of that intense are immense.
Anger can be seen as a form of suffering and it really doesn’t have to be that way. Your overall wellbeing and sense of calmness are at stake.

Try this…

The next time you are in a situation that makes you feel angry, make a conscious choice to react differently, look at the situation and try and understand it. Take a deep breath then inhale and exhale slowly, use calming words and see what happens.
You can also incorporate a meditation such as Twin Hearts into your life, on a regular basis.
This can quickly disperse feelings of anger. You’ll notice if that same situation occurs again and you’ve been meditating regularly – your reaction will be more positive.

By being aware, understanding and changing your reaction – by not arguing with anger you not only dismantle the situation, you’ll feel peaceful and happy.

You can’t argue with that!


89 thoughts on “Arguing with Anger

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