Discovering Pranic Healing Helped Business Succeed

Dreaming of Starting a Business?

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business?

Dreams are great but until we put them into action that is all they ever are. 

How many times have you talked yourself into and out of an idea and then fallen back into the comfort of your current day job stalled by the fear of what if?

Getting Started  

Angela was no different, she had always wanted to start a business but the circumstances never seemed right, that was until redundancy in the family meant she was launched unexpectedly into the Fire and Flood Restoration Industry, not a business she had imagined being in. 

It was daunting and hard work from the start. Setting about learning new systems, procedures, managing staff and developing time management skills, Angela quickly came to understand that if the business was to be successful she would need to be able to drive it forward she needed to grow a team of loyal people and keep those people.

It would mean overcoming self-doubt, building her confidence and finding the motivation to keep going in spite of the many challenges she would face.

Burning the Candle 

The hard work was paying off, the business started to do really well but juggling work with bringing up a young family started to take its toll. Angela had got used to burning the candle into the night, the days were rolling into one with no time to relax, the effects of stress, fatigue and constant back pain were becoming too much. If Angela was to continue building the business something had to change, something had to give. 

What Changed? 

It was a chance conversation that led to the discovery of a system that would supersede any business training course Angela had been on, a system that would change the way she not only lived her life but managed her business. 

That course was self-development Level 1 Pranic Healing taught by Les Flitcroft.  

March 2009 was the defining moment, completely revitalised from that weekend course and with new skills in the palm of her hands, Angela immediately put into practice the techniques she had been taught. With a daily routine now filled with ways to alleviate fatigue, remain calm and in control of her emotions, Angela’s confidence was growing and her mind becoming sharper. Fears that had been holding her back were rapidly disintegrating, allowing her to be efficient, productive and to put more and more plans into action.

Success in Business with Pranic Healing

Simple, powerful effective tools to incorporate into your business and home life:  

  • Powerful breathing techniques
  • Regular sessions of Twin Hearts meditation 
  • Removing fears and increasing drive  
  • Affirmations and positive thinking
  • Pranic Healing

A New Business in Self Development 

 Having established and grown that first business Angela not only understood the pressures of a startup but had gained the knowledge and empowerment she needed to take her life in a new direction, she has now gone on to found a new company bringing self-development to the heart of business, sharing and teaching the skills that had helped her so much. 

Brands, including CHANEL, HSBC and Virgin Management have all been introduced to techniques that can rapidly reduce stress and create calmer more productive environments for their people. 

Recognising the importance of work-life balance and solutions for both physical and mental health for both owners and their teams has never been greater, learning the skills to achieve this has never been easier. 

Click the link below to find out more on how to join this month’s live stream ‘Mapping the Road to a Successful Career – discover your true direction’ near you:

Or enrol in the course that changed everything for Angela:


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