A Beginners Guide to Wesak

How do you generate the same amount of energy in one sitting as you would normally do in an entire month?
Learn about Wesak – a unique spiritual event regarded as the most powerful full moon of the year.
Bless Mother Earth and generate tremendous amounts of good karma that can be utilized to bring forth prosperity, joy and happiness into your life.


What is Wesak?

Wesak is a very special annual festival that takes its name from a valley deep in the Himalayas. The Wesak festival is also known as the “Festival of Buddha” or the “Festival of Enlightenment”

Eastern traditions marks the “Festival of Buddha” as the anniversary of the birth, physical death and enlightenment of Lord Buddha whose great teachings of the four noble truths and the eightfold path are shared at this sacred time as a reminder of the impermanence of the physical world we all live in. These priceless teachings are given as a compass to help navigate through life.

“Our life is full of impermanence.
We cling to impermanent things: wealth, money, gold,
power and human recognition, desires of many forms. They all come and go”

When does the Wesak Festival take place?

Wesak is celebrated once a year during the full moon of Taurus. This full moon is considered to be the most powerful full moon of the year. It is an amazing time of celebration, a unique and powerful event that gives an opportunity for service, spiritual renewal and self-purification.

What is the legend of the Wesak Festival

It is said that Great Beings including the Lord Buddha, Lord Christ and Buddha Kuan Yin descend to bless humanity.

“Wesak is the single greatest event on our planet and the one
that has the greatest effect upon humanity”-Master Diwal Khul as stated in the Alice Bailey books.

Why is the Wesak Festival a time of cooperation?

 Wesak is recognised as a shared holy day of unity that transcends the worlds major religions. An opportunity for people of all faiths and spirituality to come together to meditate as one, creating a channel for the downpouring of divine vitalizing energies to flow through thus creating a tremendous spiritual event that has a powerful purifying effect on both the individual meditating; negative thoughts and emotions are removed, chakras are cleansed, and on humanity as a whole.

The Wesak Festival is a priceless opportunity to participate in a global meditation of service, an amazing chance to shower Mother earth and all of her inhabitants with an immense amount of energy and blessings.

How to prepare for the Wesak Festival

To get the most from this priceless annual event it can be helpful to follow the following guidelines:

  • Daily salt baths
  • Light Vegetarian and fruit diet
  • Daily Meditation on Twin Hearts
  • Daily Recital of the Great Invocation

When and where to experience the Wesak Festival

This year the Wesak Festival falls on the 18th May 2019. Events will be held across the world at this sacred time.

Wesak Lecture & Meditation with
Les Flitcroft

Sat 18th May 2019 7.30pm – 9.30pm streamed at various parts in Ireland.


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