Heartbreak to Happy

How do you begin to put your life back together after the bereavement of losing a child?
How do you find inner peace and solace to move forward to happier family life?


With the sudden loss of my second daughter in a tragic drowning incident, my world imploded leaving me feeling empty and heartbroken. I used to think that those sorts of things only happened to people you read about in the newspaper, it was not supposed to happen to me. Carrying my third child at the time, that pregnancy was to become the gift that would get me out of bed in the morning to live up to my responsibilities as a mother to my eldest daughter.

After losing my child, the nurses at the hospital gave me two pieces of advice: you must eat and you must sleep. It was incredibly basic information but if I couldn’t fulfil those two things, I wouldn’t have much chance to function as a mother.

My instinct was to make sure my eldest daughter didn’t suffer from any psychological issues, being witness to the trauma of losing her sister and best friend. I took her to the post-traumatic stress clinic in Great Ormond Street and realised that the doctors were watching me as much as they were watching her.  After several sessions, one doctor turned to me and said: “If you are okay, she will be ok.” Those words were the beginning of my determination to be well.

During my ten year search to “be okay” I embarked on many different paths both mainstream and alternative, far too numerous. to mention. At the same time, my husband was grieving deeply and naturally reacted to my moods and behaviour.

I soon recognised the importance of working on myself in order to benefit everyone in the family.

My quest to feel a deep inner peace and happiness led me to a self-development course in Brighton. I really wasn’t prepared for the monumental teachings of Pranic Healing. I instinctively knew that this was everything my soul had been yearning for and returned home to my husband with tears of joy as I had found something so powerful yet so honest and utterly fascinating.

I tentatively started using the techniques with my family and very quickly realised that the straight forward instructions, taught to me, were actually working and suddenly headaches, painful knees, stomach aches, bladder infections, high fevers, ear infections to name but a few were being rapidly healed.   

These last three years learning Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga have been both rewarding and enlightening. I have now discovered the inner peace I never thought I would achieve. The teachings are so simple and applying them has resulted in harmony and a beautiful flow to my family life.  

As for me, the healing has been deep within me and not always something that other people can see but maybe they can sense it.



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