Mind and Mental Health

How many times does someone ask you how you feel and your reply hides the way you are feeling emotionally?
If you feel low emotionally this will affect your physical wellbeing. What can start with a little stress can lead to a mild headache, which if not addressed can lead to long term migraines which have may need to be medically supervised.
This is just one of many examples of when a physical condition arises from unregulated, unhelpful emotions.

Putting mental health first
Do you prioritise physical ailments over emotional ones even when the underlying emotional condition normally arises first?
Society has come a long way in the last 10 years in raising awareness around psychological and mental health but the stigma which is often associated with them still remains. There is still a way to go. Statistically, men find it harder to talk about how they are feeling emotionally.

To date 1 in 8 men has undisclosed mental health problems. Historically, society has created an unrealistic expectation for men to be emotionally strong and not show or address their feelings. This has had an adverse effect.
In the UK, the prison population is mostly men, with many of these being diagnosed with mental health illnesses.
In 2017, 75% of suicide cases were male. Suicide represents the largest cause of death for men under 50.

Reaching out

Great strides are being made to help both sexes suffering mental ill health. The UK’s Heads Together Campaign, the Mental Health Foundation and Mental Health First aid courses are becoming more widely known as a source of support, signposting people towards solutions.

The Path to Recovery

Like physical illness, mental ill health needs to be addressed as soon as possible so a person can recover quickly, giving them the best chance of having a good life. With medical professionals under pressure and long waiting lists, people are choosing to look for other ways to ease their situation.

Pranic Healing can be very beneficial to enhance the speed of recovery both physically and emotionally.

There are protocols to help all manner of conditions. Whilst a person is waiting for a referral and also for those already receiving care as it very much complements orthodox medicine.

As well as the treatment a Pranic therapist will help the patient by equipping them with self-care tools and techniques including specific breathing exercises and meditation practices.

Changing Lives

Changing lives on a daily basis, Pranic Healing is helping to alleviate the fog of mental health. Symptoms are being relieved through an effective system of treatments and self-care practices. With such success, many people are taking the courses and learning for themselves how to heal and enhance their lives and the lives of those around them.


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