3 Winning Ways to Bounce back from Sporting Defeat

Have you ever been in a race or match, where the opposition starts winning? If so, you might have felt an urge to fight back, similar to the fight or flight response. Or maybe your mind starts to create a magnitude of negative self-talk and self-doubt. As the mind creates these thoughts, the physical body starts to automate and act in a way that represents this by slowing down or giving up.

It’s the perfect opportunity for any inner beliefs of low self-esteem to pop up and be fed, and before you know it, you are in the hamster wheel of a negative mindset. “ I’m just not good enough”, “ I should have practised more”, “I give up”. Sound familiar?

As we enter into the sporting season, with the Wimbledon Tennis Finals upon us, we watch how dedicated athletes keep their focus and mindset on the match, even with millions of people watching from around the world.

1.Understanding the mind – The main aspect of succeeding

Down, depressed or even angry. It can take anything from a few minutes to a few days to bounce back. But do you bounce back?

We have between 20,000- 80,000 thoughts per day.  Each thought can be likened to a spark of energy. This then sits in what’s called our energy system, which is in and around our physical body. Scientists call this our ‘bioplasmic body’. Within a match, you could be creating a few thousand thoughts.

“In training, everyone focuses on 90% physical and 10% mental, but in competitions, it’s 90% mental. The mind is one of the main aspects of succeeding in sport whatever your level.”  Ben Ainslie, Triple Olympic Gold and Silver Medallist

Statistics show that our mind impacts our performance by over 75% and 3 factors influence sporting ability:

1. Fitness – which can be improved by increasing training

2. Technical skills – improved by study and practice

3. Mental skills

But how do you improve your mental skills or mindset?

 2. The secret to moving forward 

To do this we need to remove the tendency to repeat the pattern, as well as being aware of what improvements need to be made with regards to fitness and technical skills.

3. A new way to get ahead of your competitors

This can be done through a treatment called Pranic Healing. In China, some of the national sports teams have pranic healers to treat the athletes with sports injuries right on the spot, or just give them a boost of Pranic energy if required to achieve peak performance, mental and physical endurance.

Applying Pranic Healing, to remove the repetitive negative thoughts which can hinder the athlete, and replacing with positive thoughts such as courage, good self-esteem and self-worth and It can also work on the physical body by strengthening and energising. Muscle tissue and tendons can be soothed, healed and regenerated, seemingly looking miraculous to the outsider.

Athletes looking to find a marginal gain in their sport can learn the techniques of Pranic Healing for themselves or work with a Pranic Healing Therapist who will understand how to accelerate the rate of recovery of injuries, help them to overcome performance anxiety, improve mental strength and enhance performance.  By working alongside an athlete in this way remarkable results can be achieved.

If you are a therapist such as a physiotherapist, sports massage therapist, counsellor, then by taking the pranic healing classes you can enhance the skills you already use, making the treatment very comprehensive.


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