Going beyond the exit – Reassuring ways to secure a new career

It can come completely out of the blue, an unexpected conversation that can stop you in your tracks, potentially bringing on feelings of stress, anger, vulnerability and fear for the future. Being told that your job is at risk, that you may have to re-apply for it or finding out that you are losing it altogether can be a shock and seem unfair at the time but  once the news has sunk in, it’s good to calm your mind so that you can put everything into perspective and plan your way forward.

Read these 5 reassuring ways to help you on the way to your new career.

1. Don’t look back in anger.

Give yourself a minimum of three days before you make any decisions about your future. Take this time to allow any feelings of anger and frustration to subside, logic and reason will come easier. When you are going through a difficult time be kind to yourself, allow yourself to breathe, relax and clear your thoughts. Get outside, go for a walk to the beach, take time to pursue activities you enjoy and meditate. There are many meditations out there to choose from including the extremely effective Meditation on Twin Hearts which has been scientifically proven to rapidly reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, it induces an inner calm and helps you to gain mental clarity.  High profile American entrepreneur and life business strategist Tony Robbins recognises the impact of the Twin Hearts meditation and now incorporates it into his global events.

2. Why?

Why do you do the job that you do?
What do you love about it?
What do you dislike about it?

Take time to really think it through. Be honest and ask yourself if this is the job of your dreams or perhaps you were just coasting along, fearful to take the leap on to something bigger and better.  Perhaps you have always wanted to start a new business but couldn’t find the courage to leave your job and make the change. Having the decision taken out of your hands can be a great opportunity to finally go in another direction.

3.Drive forward

It’s only natural to feel worried when you are going through a financial change in your life, especially if others are relying on you as the main breadwinner. Keeping your mind clear of doubts and fears are key factors to helping you secure a new job or change in career. Pranic Healers understand how to utilise energy, they understand how to keep motivation levels high, how to increase confidence levels and how to help you generate positive thoughts for the future. Booking in for a session can help you to draw a line under where you are now and propel you forward with drive and enthusiasm towards your next great opportunity. Pranic Healing therapists can work with you in person or online. Treatments generally last around 45 minutes and can be extremely effective.


It may have been a while since you last wrote your CV,  updating it will be an important part of the job-seeking process. Did you know the mood you are in when writing your CV will directly impact the person you are sending it to? A positive, happy state of mind will give you a much better chance of securing the new position, people pick up on our moods, our energy,  through the written words.

5.GO for it!

Affirmations are a great way to enforce a positive state of mind, find one that resonates with you and repeat it over and over.

“Don’t just think about making it happen. Make it happen” Les Flitcroft

Visualize yourself already in the position or running a successful new business. Believe in yourself, dress smartly, think positively, smile, set your sights on the target and confidently go for it!


“You are destined to be successful” Master Choa Kok  Sui


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