Travel Delays – 4 Fantastic Ways to Stay Happy & Calm

You’re excited about your long-awaited holiday and can’t wait to finally get out of your stressful routine and into relaxation mode. However,  before that happens, you need to get there. 

Have you ever had one of those journeys when things didn’t go to plan? 

Although a travel delay can be frustrating, why is it that some people will become outraged and start to shout, yet another person will remain calm and deal with the delay as if it wasn’t even the slightest inconvenience? Is it that the former has more important matters to attend to? More important people to see?  Whilst this may be the case for some, others may be negatively reacting to what they perceive as a taxing situation.

Feelings of panic can arise when you’re caught off guard to an unexpected delay.  Although we know that this doesn’t help the situation, sometimes it’s difficult to control our reactions.

Here are  4 fantastic ways to stay happy and calm  

  1.   Be Prepared

First of all, accept that delays are possible. It makes good sense to plan extra time to allow for traffic jams and cancellations. Ensure you are packed the night before to avoid a last-minute rush in the morning.  By doing this you can keep stress levels down. Bring something that will help if faced with a delay, like a good book, magazine, music or journal. 

  1.   Breathe

Don’t underestimate the power of the breath. A couple of minutes deep abdominal breathing can rapidly release stress and tension. When unhelpful thoughts are spiralling out of control,  stress hormones are triggered which causes you to breathe more quickly to deliver more oxygen-rich blood to the body. Slowing down your breathing will help to stop this ‘fight or flight’ response and allow your mind to think more clearly and logically. 

  1.   Stay Positive

Being positive goes a long way, and every situation can be turned around if you allow it to. Many great things come from a structured and planned approach. However, there’s something to say for spontaneity and creativity. It’s important to keep an eye out for opportunities that are sometimes disguised. Maybe the delay will force you to sit down with a coffee and a chance to think about things you have put off due to your overactive life. Or perhaps you will have that ‘chance’ encounter that could lead to a special conversation or a connection with a long lost friend. If we don’t open ourselves up to possibilities and just stick to unhelpful thinking, we will only limit ourselves and miss some wonderful opportunities.

  1.   Attract Better Outcomes

When you focus on the negatives in a situation, you may notice that more negativity arises in your life. You may encounter a rude staff member at the airport, and all you do is think about how this made you feel, causing you to get angrier by re-living the experience. Once you get into this state, it’s hard to get out of this negative spiral. Your entire physical body changes along with the energy that you radiate, causing people to be wary of any interactions with you. However, if you are in a positive state, people will be drawn to your smile and energy and respond accordingly with kindness. 

There is much more to life than meets the eye. Energy is a significant factor in our everyday interactions and how we choose to focus our attention will determine our outcomes. So the next time you decide to wallow in a perceived unfortunate circumstance or situation, remember that you are in control of how you perceive something. So take a breath and be aware of your thoughts and actions, as they will ultimately determine your state of being. 

Happy Travels! 


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