Care to give to Charity?

Giving to charity is a long-practised act of kindness to help others, and more often than not, to support those less fortunate than ourselves. But is it just the recipients of this benevolence who benefit, or is there more going on than first meets the eye?

Consider first, what do you lack in your life? What is it you’d like to have more of? Perhaps you want better physical or mental health, perhaps you need more stability in your living arrangements, or maybe you need more money and a reliable source of income.

Now take a moment to think about a simple smile. When you smile at someone they smile back at you. Your kind gesture is received, reciprocated and returned with the added bonus that you feel good too!

So how can this be? What mysterious force is at work behind this boomerang effect and what does it mean for you when giving to charity?

To understand this more we can look to a widely talked about phenomena, and one which is taught in every religion across the globe – the Law of Karma. This law simply means that what you give is what you in turn receive. So in essence, what you send out is the same as planting seeds which will come to yield a harvest. Giving is, therefore, the smart thing to do!

By thinking about which seeds we’re sowing and what it is we’d like to receive, the Law of Karma can be used as a practical tool for doing good for others whilst generating good things for ourselves. To go a step further, this Universal Law can be utilised to its fullest effect by identifying what it is you require then taking steps to give it first. You can then choose a charity which provides support to others in the area which you need help with yourself. In doing so you create a pathway for your generosity to be returned in a way which helps you most.

So what about giving when money is scarce? The act of donating money to charitable causes is known as ‘tithing’. Although it might seem difficult to contemplate tithing when finances are stretched, the act of doing so helps propel the cycle of giving and receiving into action and creates the channel for abundance which you need to be free of money worries and to live a better life.

“Tithing is a science; it is based on the law of Karma. A person cannot harvest what he has not sown!” Master Choa Kok Sui.

Giving and sharing carries with it a great feel-good factor, but by choosing to be savvy about how you give and donating with regularity, you can empower yourself into a positive cycle of abundance; not only can you help yourself at the same time as helping others, but enjoy the realisation that your prosperity is in your hands. Just follow the law and the law will take care of you!

To donate to MCKS Charity visit


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