Stress Extractors: Bring Harmony into your Life

Could your surroundings be making you feel stressed?
Have you ever been to places where you’ve felt uneasy and you couldn’t work out why?
We all strive to keep our homes and workspaces clean and tidy but we’re not aware of the negative energies around us that we might be absorbing.

By implementing four simple yet highly effective tools, you can create a soothing stress-free environment that you deserve.

Crystals have recently been in popular demand as more people become aware of their wonderful healing properties.  Not only can you use them to bring a sense of calm into your life but they can also attract prosperity as well as protect you, your family and your surroundings from what is sometimes termed as ‘psychic attack’   In order to truly learn the secrets of crystals and how to harness their powers then come along to our next Pranic Crystal Healing course this October.

Visit for more information.

Pictures hanging on our walls are used for visual impact but what emotions do they evoke in you when you look at them?  If you find yourself being drawn to sad, dark or chaotic art then ask yourself why?  Being exposed to certain pictures could be creating more stress in your life so look more to what will inspire and uplift you.   Pictures have an effect on your mood so surround yourself with ones that emanate positivity bringing harmony, stability, good health and abundance into your home and work life.

Plants are an easy and useful way to clean up your environment as well as bring a little bit of nature inside to improve your mood.  The cactus plant often seems to feature as a stylish addition to fashionable interiors but in fact, these plants can help a great deal to remove stress and negative energy from your home or workspace with a few simple techniques.  Learn more at the Psychic Self Defence course in October, to book go to


Incense has long been used in many cultures and traditions around the world as a daily ritual and for very good reason as it is highly efficient in cleansing any undesirable energies.  Whether someone has been radiating intense worry in the bedroom or there have been angry exchanges in the kitchen, we can walk into those spaces and unknowingly absorb and take on these feelings into our own emotional system.  Once we understand the benefits of lighting incense, try Sandalwood for effective disintegrating properties, you find that all negativity dissipates making way for a fresh welcoming space to enjoy being in.

Come to join us at our Pranic Crystal Healing and Psychic Self Defence courses in October. To learn many more valuable tips, click on  for details.


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