3 Successful ways to break old habits

The start of any new year is a time to set goals, make resolutions and commit to breaking any unwanted habits. With the best intentions in the world, you may have tried to keep New Year’s resolutions in the past, only to realise more often than not relapses have occurred. This can become stressful when repetitive negative thoughts about yourself reoccur and the habit continues.

Would you like to learn how to stop these repetitive, unhelpful tendencies once and for all?

Here are 3 ways to break old habits that are holding you back:

  1. Identify

To start, you will need to identify your habit. Ask yourself why do you keep doing it? Why does your mind keep creating the need or desire? Understand that this is not you, it is your mind.

Simplify what the emotion is behind it. Is it because you are feeling anxious, fearful or angry? Take the time to work through why your mind is creating this. Once you know the root cause of your issue, you can do something about it.

  1. Try Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is a non-touch energy healing technique. It is a system which has step by step protocols for every physical, emotional and psychological ailment. It has been tried, tested and scientifically validated. From fears to phobias, nail-biting to smoking cessation, there is a protocol for everything. By learning simple and easy to use techniques taught in Pranic Healing you will discover the solutions you need for breaking bad habits. Once you understand how energy affects every area of your life you will know how to help yourself and others for life.

You can visit a Pranic Healing practitioner or attend a course and learn it for yourself. Anyone can take a class and no previous experience in complementary therapies or energy is needed. 

  1. Meditation on Twin Hearts

 This meditation helps to flush out negative thoughts and emotions that congest your mind and body. It is practised around the world in over 126 countries with incredible testimonials of personal healing and positive transformations. The Meditation on Twin Hearts is scientifically validated to reduce stress, anxiety, increase memory, focus and positive brain activity – all of these benefits in just under 30 minutes!

By attending a Pranic Healing course, you will learn all 3 of these habit-breaking secrets and other strategies and techniques to make significant changes to transform your life. You will also be able to help your friends and family with the techniques, even after day one of the course. 

 If you would like to break a habit and feel empowered, then register for Self Development Pranic Healing Level 1 today or find a local  Pranic Healing therapist near you.

Visit www.pranichealinginireland.com for more information or click here for a list of upcoming courses near you.


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