Fall in love with Meditation on Twin Hearts


Would you like to have good self-esteem with less stress?
Would you like to feel increased love and compassion for others?  

These positive qualities are just some of the latest scientific discoveries to be gained by practising regular  ‘loving-kindness’ based meditations. 

The ancient secrets of these time-honoured practices are now revealed in over 18 science-based studies recently published. If you’ve been looking for overall better quality of life science now agrees that ‘loving-kindness’ meditation is the key to helping physical and emotional conditions. 

So what is ‘Loving Kindness’ meditation, how do you experience it and how do you make it last? 

This type of meditation focuses on developing feelings of kindness and warmth towards other people and thinking positively towards them. With regular practice, it has been found that these positive emotions not only give instant gratification but sustain long-lasting effects. There are many health benefits to ‘helping others’. 

Have you noticed when you help someone it makes you feel really good?

Any act of kindness, no matter how small, makes you feel positive about yourself and other people.

An excellent example of a ‘Loving Kindness’ meditation, with validated scientific research in its own right, is the ‘Meditation on Twin Hearts’ by Master Choa Kok Sui – the Modern Founder of Pranic Healing. This ancient meditation was adapted so that anyone can do it, whether they have meditated previously or not.  It is one of the best ‘ self-help’ antidotes to stress, anxiety, and depression. 

The Meditation on Twin Hearts is a method used for gaining deep relaxation, promoting health, increasing creativity and intelligence, attaining inner happiness and fulfilment. It is practised by millions of people worldwide and is a simple, natural, effortless technique with proven benefits. 

In fact, during scientific brain studies using P300 Qeeg analysis and 19 channel EEG recording before, during and after Meditation on Twin Hearts by Jeff Tarrant, PhD and Neus Raines, PhD results showed that: ‘regular meditators exhibited increased in gamma waves at all points of the meditation at the right insula.’  

The right heart insula is involved in emotions and it increases during loving-kindness meditation. Other beneficial impacts found in the study showed meditators feeling happier, calmer, at peace with increased focus, memory recall and gamma wave activity.

With all these benefits why not try Meditation on Twin Hearts for yourself? 

With over 200 meditations happening every week within the UK & Ireland there are many opportunities for you to feel the love. 

Experience the wonderful mix of ancient wisdom that has stood the test of time with modern heartwarming scientifically validated results.

For more information go to http://www.pranichealinginireland.com/twin-hearts-meditation/

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