Blossom and Bloom with Meditation on Twin Hearts

Would you like to know an ancient secret to success?

Think about it, what do many of the most successful people around the world have in common?


Over time, science has shown that by practising the Meditation on Twin Hearts regularly it can literally rewire your brain with full benefits felt physical, emotionally and mentally.

Did you know, you can also use the Meditation on Twin Hearts to help your personal and business projects to blossom and bloom?

Springtime is a time of growth and change. The bulbs that are in bloom during this time of year are a reminder that even after a quiet, seemingly desolate period of time, beautiful things can emerge. As you embark on a new project, much like growing a plant from seed, the surrounding environmental conditions and quality of the energy available is absolutely key to growth. Your thoughts and emotions are energy so it’s important to have positive thoughts about your projects, particularly in the early days before the roots of the project are established. Practising the Meditation on Twin Hearts helps you to think positively by clearing out the negative thoughts.

Once you’ve planted a seed, it’s often many weeks before you see any growth. This can be a frustrating time when it feels like a new project is not going anywhere.  However, using this quieter time to gently nurture your projects, just as you would a freshly planted seed is fundamental. Self-care is key as YOU are the equivalent of the surrounding environment that triggers a seed to germinate.

Practising the Meditation on Twin Hearts is proven to help increase concentration levels and increase positive brain activity because it declutters your thoughts and emotions, providing a spring clean for your mind.  This is particularly important in the early stages of a project when you need to have a sharp mind and think strategically to ensure you can optimise the growth and spread the roots in the right areas. As a seedling develops, it’s important to ensure there are no weeds ‘stealing’ the energy that will be critical for its growth.

Just as with plant growth, projects need energy.  The time and quality you dedicate are important and when you practice the Meditation on Twin Hearts you can ‘boost’ your projects by intentionally directing positive energy generated during the meditation to them.  For further growth, if you meditate in a group you will generate even more energy so you can ‘super-boost’ your projects. You can think of this positive energy as ‘fertilizer’, helping your personal and business projects to blossom and bloom – definitely a secret worth trying.

You can read more about the Meditation on Twin Hearts here:

Join a group near you to practise the Meditation on Twin Hearts


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