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Our mission is to help alleviate suffering by empowering people with self development tools  through support, educational programs and charitable  services to create healthy and resilient communities.

Our aim is to provide caring and compassionate services  to all regardless of cultural or religious backgrounds,  utilising universal spiritual principles, Pranic Healing  Teachings and practices to achieve physical, emotional  and mental well-being.

Our Charity Registration Number is 20107048.


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A Message from our Chairperson

Message from The Chairperson

We the committee would sincerely like to thank everyone who donated to the charity in2019. With thanks to the Pranic Healers who donated their time, energy, tithings and who facilitated so many Twin Hearts Meditation groups, clinics and fundraisers throughout the year.

To all students, family, friends and all who attended the relaxation Twin Heart Meditation evenings, thank you. It was wonderful to meet you all and thank you for your continued generous support and donations.

Because of you, and your help, 2019 was a busy year, a year of growth allowing us to make an increase in donations, with €66,000 donated to many deserving Irish Charities.

We made so many new contacts with so many wonderful charities and donated to those that help with Suicide Watch, Feeding Programmes, Cancer Care, Women’s Aid and many of the charities benefiting from voluntary Pranic Healing and Twin Hearts Meditation.

There are so many worthwhile charities needing our help and we will continue to support as we are able. M.C.K.S. Charity Ireland is devoted to making a difference in your community. Thank you for your continued support in one of Master Choa Kok Suis goals of helping those in need and to alleviate the suffering in the world.

In all our activities, we value the blessings and support we receive from our founder Les Flitcroft. May M.C.K.S. Charity Ireland continue to grow and enhance those whose lives we touch.

Thank you for your generous support. May all your days be filled with inner peace, good health, joy, happiness, laughter and blessed with prosperity and abundance.

“Giving is connected with the heart, it is connected with Love.

When you Love, when you give and share,

You will have prosperity”.

Master Choa Kok Sui.


We couldn’t do it without you,

Thank you so much for your continuous support, kindness and generosity.


Kindest regards,

Susan Foley.



Some recent events with our Charity team

Watch video on the Charitable activities of Pranic Healing UK & Ireland

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If you feel that you can spare some time and could volunteer your time as a Pranic Healer, there are quite a few charities that we are working with to provide free healing to their members & staff on a regular basis.
To register your interest, please email us at and we will add your name to the Volunteer Healers and contact you as soon as an opportunity arises.

When considering Charities to donate to, the Pranic Healing Charity Ireland will conduct in house criteria checks including the following:
The Charity is to have a minimum 80% Charitable spend unless the Pranic Healing Charity Ireland agrees extenuating circumstances.
Geographical area covered by the Charity and the area that it supports
What the donation is to be used for and who will benefit from the support of the Pranic Healing Charity Ireland.

Trustees of the Pranic Healing Charity Ireland will visit the Charity prior to donation to ensure that the donation criteria is met.

We also look to enhance the donation and forge long term relationships with the Charities donated to by offering Pranic Healing Clinics and Self Development Workshops.

Previously, the Pranic Healing Charity Ireland has donated funds together with Pranic Healing Clinics and Self Development Workshops to the following Charities:

The support services that we provide to the organisations include Children’s, Teenager’s & Adults Meditation Groups, Wellbeing Workshops and Self Development Seminars, 6 week programs, one to one Pranic Healing treatments, a Pranic Healing Clinic and Fundraisers.
If your organisation would like us to provide support services, please eplease contact us.

If your organisation meets the criteria of who we donate to please contact us.