Katherine McKenna
Dublin, Meath- Navan,Wicklow- Derry,Tyrone & Armagh


About Katherine

Katherine completed a Masters in Special Education in Trinity College Dublin. She is the Founder of “Rays of Sunshine” Pre-school in Dublin. The Pre-school is for Children with Autism. Katherine is committed to the education of children with a focus on children with special educational needs and loves facilitating Self Development Seminar for Adults.

Katherine started Pranic Healing in 2005 and now has a busy Clinic in Tallaght and Dublin City. Katherine continues to travel throughout Dublin, Meath and Louth facilitating seminars and delivering Programmes for Schools, Children and Adults. Some of these seminars include the Care for Carers Clinic, Stress and Wellbeing, Tips for a Happier, Healthier Mind, Building Better Relationships and another seminar that is popular among parents and service providers is “How Children with Autism can Benefit from Pranic Healing.”

Katherine is currently training to be Pranic Healing Instructor under the mentorship of Les Flitcroft, the head of the Institute.

HEALING VENUE : Main Street, Tallaght, Dublin

FACILITATOR : Group Meditations, Children’s Meditations, Introduction Seminars

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