Terms & Conditions

Course Fees – Terms & Conditions

1)      To register and secure a place at a course, you can either pay:

a)      60 non-refundable deposit or

b)      full fee

2)      The deposit fee of 60 is non-refundable and non-transferable. 

3)      If a deposit is paid at registration, then balance fees must be paid by the specified date if it is discounted, or on or before course dates.  See payment methods below.

4)      If full fees paid at the time of registering and at least one month before course dates, you may be eligible for a discounted rate.

5)      If discounted rates and deposit paid, the balance amount applicable to be paid by the date specified.  If not paid by this specified date, then normal fees will be payable.

6)      Package Deals:

a)      will be offered from time to time and will carry its own terms & conditions

b)      the offer cannot be applied to any other courses except for those specified

7)      Notice of cancellation:

a)      At least 7 days’ Notice (prior to course dates) must be given in writing by email for any course registration cancellation

b)      The non-refundable deposit amount of 60 will not be refunded or transferable

c)      If cancelled within the 7 days prior to the course, refunds (less 60) will be considered on a case by case basis

8)      If “no show” at the course for whatever reason, any deposits or course fees paid will not be refundable. “No Show” means non-attendance and non-communication prior to course.

9)      Refunds – The course fees paid less 60 (non-refundable deposit) will be refunded within 1 month of request of cancellation. 

10)     For attendance to any course or event, full fees applicable for that course/event must be paid in advance.

Review Students

1)      Full review fees payable at the time of registration

2)      In case of cancellation in advance of the event (see note 7 above):

a)      an admin fee of 30 will be deducted from any refunds

b)      fees paid may be transferred to another course or event, after deduction of the 30 admin fee

Payment Methods (for balance amounts)

1)      By Cash at the event

2)      By PayPal  using the following link: www.paypal.me/UKPHIRE in Euro € using the following Ref: Your Name + Course Name

3)      By Online Bank Transfer (at least 3 working days before event)