Marie’s Story

See how Pranic Healing changes lives!


For Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 we are sharing stress stories.

Marie talks to us about life’s stresses, how they built up on top of each other and culminated in a panic attack that saw her rushed to hospital in an ambulance. She later found pranic healing which is a complimentary therapy. This helped her manage the panic attacks. Marie found that complimentary therapies went alongside the orthodox medicines to help her recover. “I just remember waking up at night and I was constantly on a calculator, trying to make ends meet, putting on a smile in the day, being normal Marie with no problems. But inside I was crumbling.”

By tackling stress, we can go a long way to tackle mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, and, in some instances, self-harm and suicide. We want to look at how we can tackle stress and help improve our mental health. Let’s start with you and me and talk openly about stress.

We all know that talking about our feelings can help us to stay in good mental health and deal with times when we feel troubled.


95 thoughts on “Marie’s Story

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