A Mother’s reflection on Wellbeing for Children

According to Mental Health England, one in ten young people experiences a mental health issue at any one time. Enabling them to take care of their physical and mental wellbeing is of utmost importance as it has a direct impact on their future.  

Even in the absence of any trauma experienced in childhood, navigating the natural emotional ups and downs of hormonal changes, family dynamics, working out where they fit in and now the pressures of social media can be enough to trigger one of many mental health issues.  

Reflecting back on my own childhood, which was not without emotional turbulence, there’s no doubt that children nowadays are facing more pressures than ever and statistics seem to back up my own observations. It, therefore, feels paramount that we arm our children with a full tool kit of techniques they can employ to help build resilience to whatever life throws at them.

When I first discovered Pranic Healing and the techniques I could learn, I had no idea of the value it would bring to my whole family, particularly my children.  

This has played out in two distinct ways.

  1.     Helping myself has had direct positive benefits on those around me:

How many times have your children ‘played up’ when you’ve been in a bad mood?  Children are highly sensitive to energy and it’s certainly no coincidence that when you’re not feeling so good, your child’s behaviour may start to deteriorate.  As I started to learn more and more about energy, I see this more clearly than ever.

  1.     Being able to apply the techniques I’ve learnt on my children:

My eldest son has been open and receptive to me applying Pranic Healing on him since the day I started learning, at which point he was three years old.  Even now, five years later, he will ask for healing if he’s under the weather. Helping with physical pain has been wonderful but even more powerful has been the psychotherapy techniques that I’ve seen help him through periods of change.

The benefits I’ve witnessed to young people go beyond my own family and those young people I’ve treated one-to-one. Many Pranic therapists have been running relaxation and wellbeing sessions in schools and the community across the UK and Ireland.  

The sessions aim to give children some valuable ‘me’ time, enable them to deal with challenging emotions and help them overcome commonly occurring stress and anxiety.  The testimonials from the children, parents and teachers speak volumes about the power of what these simple and easy to implement techniques can do. At the heart of it all is the ability to become aware of oneself.

Helping young people to build self-awareness and equipping them with tools to help deal with the emotions and experiences that come with growing up is vital to enable them to take control of their own physical and mental wellbeing.  


114 thoughts on “A Mother’s reflection on Wellbeing for Children

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