5 Simple Techniques to Energise your Finances

Do you find that you tend to achieve more during the week but come Sunday, the day often slips away and you don’t seem to get as much done as you’d planned?

Do you hear yourself saying, ‘I’ll do that tomorrow’ or perhaps you need to make a particular call, but fear holds you back?

Sound familiar?

Maybe you are managing a project alongside your main work, it could be a house extension, or a second business, at times stressful and overwhelming with lots of decisions to make. With a ‘to-do’ list the length of your arm, the thought of what has to be done can sometimes cause you to procrastinate and get nothing done.

Your thoughts and beliefs stop you from moving forward.

You have between 20,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day, whilst many could be positive most are often worries and concerns. Your mind is constantly processing these thoughts rather than just getting on and doing the task at hand.

Learning to remove unhelpful thoughts is the key to moving forward.

How to energise your finances?


Practice Twin Hearts, a scientifically proven meditation that has a flushing out effect on your system, clearing and calming your mind of stressful thoughts and emotions that hold you back. Good to do before sitting down and reviewing your finances.


Scheduling is a great way to ensure things get done, including putting time aside to look at your income and outgoings.


Clear your mind of financial worries and concerns by having some Pranic Healing treatments. These can also give you an energetic boost to motivate you to find work or propel you on to your next job.
Better still, learn this great system for yourself.


These courses give techniques to remove the limitations of your mind and achieve material and financial success through the science and art of materialisation.
You can learn effective stress management techniques, how to prioritize, increase your workforce productivity, set clear goals and so much more.


Understand the inner secrets of Feng Shui for good health, happiness and prosperity. Learn the five ancient principles to positively influence your attitude and beliefs for successful manifestation by harnessing directional energies.

With all these techniques, your finances will be well and truly energised!

Master Stephen Co will be teaching Spiritual Business Management,  Kriyashakti and Pranic Feng Shui in the UK this September.

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