Crystal Clear! How to enhance your life with Crystals?

Do you have a fascination with crystals and gemstones? Are you interested in understanding more about them?  Do you wonder about their uses? Are you aware that technology today is enabled and powered by a variety of different crystals – from quartz crystals that power watches, silicon crystals in LED screens, to synthetic sapphire crystals in laser surgery? Did you also know that crystals have more subtle uses – they can help transform your life, be it by better physical health, improved finances, mental clarity, harmonious relationships, and even a stronger spiritual connection?

If you are interested, then Pranic Crystal Healing can be the next step in taking control of your wellbeing, as well as that of your family and friends.

In this fascinating course, you learn concepts, principles and techniques to apply the natural power of crystals to enhance all areas of your life. You learn about the three essential properties of crystals and five factors that determine the potency of any crystal to enable you to invest your money wisely in purchasing your next gemstone.


Discover secrets to enhance your healing ability by over 100%. In Pranic Healing, healers use crystals to help rapidly resolve everyday physical and psychological ailments to great effect.


Learn how to draw in prosperity energy to your home or business and improve your finances, even while you are asleep!


Experience the protective power of crystals and how they can be used to prevent stress-energy from building up in your system and help you feel less drained during the day.


Improve relationships at home and work. Certain colour crystals can be used to bring loving-kindness,  harmony and happiness to your personal and professional situations.

Self Development 

Enhance your assertiveness, courage, drive, will power, mental clarity, spirituality and much more by incorporating the tremendous art of using crystals and gemstones into your life.


Sign up today to get Crystal Clear!

Les Flitcroft will be teaching Psychic Self Defense on 16th November 2019, and Pranic Crystal Healing course on 17th November 2019, at Holiday Inn, Maidenhead.


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