Protection, It’s not just about umbrellas.

Umbrellas protect from the rain.

Sunglasses protect from the sun.

Clothes protect from the elements.

Alarms protect from intruders.


There are many practical ways which keep you, your home and workplace comfortable and safe from physical harm and danger.

Did you know that there are techniques you can learn to protect yourself from unseen things, like the negative thoughts, words and actions of others for example?

Have you noticed how some people can leave you feeling drained and weary. You may even recognise the people in your life who give you that ‘weighed down’ feeling. Maybe they are work colleagues or friends, they could even be loved ones.

Can you recall speaking with someone and feeling uncomfortable.? You may have used this phrase “ It’s not what you said , it’s the way that you said it”

Are you a parent? Have you ever experienced being out in public with your child, one minute they are fine and the next  they are having a tantrum for no apparent reason? Would you like to understand why this may have happened?

Perhaps you have gone shopping and then felt a compulsion to buy non essential items? Sound familiar?  Why is this?

Do you sometimes find the minute you go into the office you feel uncomfortable but can’t quite put your finger on the reason as to why?

By understanding the mechanisms of the mind and equipping yourself with simple, effective practical self defence techniques using energy you are able to protect not only your personal space but also create balance and harmony at home and work.


Learning the secrets that lie behind the negative thoughts and emotions that some would term ‘psychic attacks’ is now easier than ever and gives a fantastic opportunity to improve the quality of your life and that of your family on many levels.


In MCKS Psychic Self Defence you will learn a vast array of techniques including;


·      How to stop people draining you of your vital energy

·      How to safeguard your children from the influence of peer group pressure e.g. negative behaviors, bullying and drug abuse.

·      How to experience inner peace and calmness in the midst of a chaotic work or home environment

·      The science of shielding

·      What causes “bad luck” and how to change it to good fortune.


Psychic Self Defence is being taught by Les Flitcroft from the Institute of Pranic Healing UK & Ireland on the 16th November 2019 at the Holiday Inn Maidenhead

To read more and to book a place click here:


Pre – Requisite: Self Development Level 2


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