Happy Families – Supportive Ways to Keep the Peace


Would you like to know the secrets to happy family life?
Do you want harmony and peace at home?

Enjoying time with the people that you love creates some of the best memories you will have.  Family members or those close to you have the ability to influence and shape who you are, they can build you, define you but they can be challenging too.  

Relationships can create a rollercoaster of emotions that impact every aspect of life.

 As I started learning about energy, I never expected that it would change the way I viewed and managed my relationships.  For me, I’ve noticed that my relationships with my family are absolutely key to my health and wellbeing. In periods where I’ve experienced a strained relationship with a family member, I’ve noticed it will often coincide with greater tension in my body, physical pain, lack of concentration and lower energy levels. This is no coincidence.  

As I’ve started to understand the link between emotions and my physical and mental health through the Pranic Healing courses, it has become very clear to me that building awareness of and managing my thoughts about those around me is a key ingredient for building and maintaining strong, positive and peaceful relationships.  

When you think about it, relationships are a continuous exchange of energy between individuals on several levels.  Have you ever noticed how some people have the ability to make you feel tired and low? Whereas other people can immediately make you smile and feel great?  This is a perfect example of how other people’s energy can affect you. What you radiate is related to your thoughts and emotions. Your thoughts and emotions will be impacting your family members all the time.  Think about a time when you’ve been in a really positive frame of mind – have you noticed how it’s affected those around you? Positive thoughts nurture another person. 

There will always be continuous strains placed upon the relationships around you and the challenge is to find ways to let go quickly of any hurt, remain positive about your loved ones and to help keep the peace within a family unit.  Understanding relationships from an energetic viewpoint is a fundamental starting point. The Institute of Pranic Healing UK & Ireland holds regular seminars on managing your personal and professional relationships. 

At these sessions, you will learn techniques to help keep the peace and secrets to achieve healthy and harmonious relationship success. 

As I’ve come to understand, even the strongest relationships need nurturing but the key to doing so comes from within.  

 Check out www.pranichealinginireland.com for more information about upcoming seminars and courses. . 


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