Living your Best Healthy Life

Are you making New Year’s resolutions to be healthier?

Did you honour them this year… or the previous years?

Are you fed up with the annual diet and fitness fads that seem to change as frequently as the weather?

Would you like to know about an easier and truly inspiring way to keep body and mind in tip-top condition in 2022 and beyond?

‘Living your best life’ has become a popular quote over the past few years and just about everyone seems to be bandying it about on social media.

Health is understandably part and parcel of that dream. But whilst good health is high on most people’s wish lists when it comes to setting goals for the approaching year… by the end of January, many of us have already found excuses not to go to the gym and ditched the carrots for the cake and the rowing machine for the remote control.

It’s a familiar story for people from all walks of life. Our motivation wanes, particularly when we go ‘cold turkey’ and overlook the wisdom of ‘everything in moderation’; and we fail to schedule exercise commitments into our days, or the prep time in the kitchen to rustle up that fresh healthy meal packed with veggies and superfoods.

Perhaps with good reason when you think about it: many of us have feasted non-stop over Christmas and lounged about watching a flurry of festive movies! It’s tough to go from one extreme to the other so fast and it’s important to be gentle on ourselves.

The good news is Pranic Healing brings a fresh, exhilarating and realistic approach to all aspects of our health – physical and mental. The valuable techniques learnt on the Level 1 Pranic Healing course (as well as the levels and pathways that follow) are structured and simple to incorporate into our days: from the wonderful Twin Hearts meditation, which flushes out stress and negative energy like a power shower from our aura and chakras (and helps us gain a deeper connection with our soul, reminding us who is truly in charge of the mind and body!), through to immune system boosting treatments – and everything in-between.

Pranic Healing covers it all. 

A balanced mind is essential – and another aspect that is all too often neglected – when it comes to maintaining a healthy body. Slowly but surely, by following the protocols and ancient techniques taught in a Pranic Healing class, even at Level 1 we can erase the old patterns of negative behaviour, reprogramming the mind to stay positive, disciplined and focused on our goals and resolutions, increasing our willpower. Our well-being is restored – body, mind and heart revitalised – and we come away with valuable tools to help those around us whose health may also be in need of a boost.

What better way to honour the new year than to invest in this new and far more sustainable way of life?

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Building the confidence to take control of your finances

Facing up to financial challenges can be daunting and yet when you have the confidence to do so, it can also be hugely empowering.

Are you feeling worried about your finances?  Are you experiencing physical symptoms of anxiety, such as nausea, a racing heart or headaches? Do you feel trapped by negative money-related thoughts?

The end of the year is an excellent time to reflect, look forward with solutions, and set ourselves firmly on the path to financial control in 2022.

Fear is frequently driven by a sense of being out of control, and fear, in turn, creates feelings of worry and anxiety. People who are in debt or who recognise that their finances require attention frequently postpone dealing with it week after week. It takes confidence to deal with it head on.

Build the confidence to take that first step – and see it through

If you are suffering from a lack of confidence to confront your financial challenges, it’s most likely coming from fear. Perhaps you are frightened of seeing the real situation? Worried about whether you can do something about it? Concerned about what others might think? Removing this fear will take away the barrier to embarking on that first step forwards on the path to regaining financial control.

Pranic Healing and in particular, Pranic Psychotherapy, can help to remove fear and the negative thoughts associated with it which in turn will give you the confidence to take action, with clarity and clear perspective.

A clear mind to make better decisions

Sometimes, when we are in the thick of things, and feeling worried or anxious, it can be hard to see things clearly and therefore hard to make the right decisions. If we can remove the anxiety and worry that clouds our thinking and judgement, we can make decisions with a clear mind and the right perspective on the situation. Pranic Healers are very aware of this cycle, and use healing techniques specifically designed to remove stress and anxiety. 

When you learn Pranic Healing, you are equipped with techniques for removing negative thoughts and emotions, making way for optimism, positivity, and prosperity.

Harness a calm mind to carry you through

Regular meditation will also help you maintain clarity of thought and a sense of calm, both of which are essential for making sound financial decisions. Our minds become over active  when we are running at a million miles per hour through life, distracted by technology and an always-on culture.

Taking the time to meditate is critical, and the benefits are enormous. Resting your mind promotes a sense of calm, stillness and inner peace, and provides an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and the world around you in a mindful manner – including your finances.

If you want to experience more clarity, the Pranic Healing Meditation on Twin Hearts is worth a try.

Join any one of our online or face to face meetings.

To gain the courage to act, you must first overcome your fear and focus on the goal at hand. The Pranic Healing Self Development courses will provide you with the tools you need to remove negative thoughts, dispel fear and think more clearly. These tools will assist you in staying on track and seeing things through to a successful conclusion.

To find out more about Pranic Healing Self Development courses click here –

Proof of the pudding is in the eating

Party season is coming up and the one thing we all dread is that random person who will corner us and tell us about the magic pill they took to get on top of an ailment or life situation they think we are suffering from too! Have we not all had some version of that experience? Where the other person shares information or a suggestion they think might help, in the most well-intentioned manner, but given our unfamiliarity with the subject, we dismiss it and rush to top up our glass of wine?

Arguably set in a different context but with a conclusion relevant to ours here, a 2010 study from the University of Pennsylvania has shown that people often dismiss new ideas because the uncertainty surrounding them makes us think and thinking too hard makes us uncomfortable. So, we tend to stay with the tried and the tested. But a more helpful, enriching response might be to try the ‘new thing’ out, experience it for ourselves and then make up our minds. As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. 

A lot of pranic healers have become lifelong believers in the role of energy or prana in maintaining and enhancing wellbeing at all levels, and now live a much higher quality of life, simply because they approached their first experience of it with an open and experimental mindset. Master Choa Kok Sui, the modern founder of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, was an engineer with a scientific bent of mind. He strongly advocated not taking anything on face value and encouraged all new students to validate with experiments – scanning energy, applying it via micro healings for small aches / pains / daily stress management, and with a positive experience and enhanced belief in the modality, take the next step forward. 

If you would like to experience energy and how it works for yourself, please drop in at one of our many weekly meditations across the country. We typically offer short stress relief healings post meditation so one can sample pranic healing for themselves. Click here to find a venue close to you.

We hope, with a positive experience, you might want to start your learning journey so you are able to apply these simple and deeply effective healing methods for yourself, and your near and dear ones. There are a number of Level 1 Basic Pranic Healing courses coming up over the next quarter – please click here to find a convenient time and location.

Healing the cause, as well as the consequence

Physical wellness is something we all strive for whatever our age and fitness, along with strong emotional and mental health. Many physical challenges often stem from stress and anxiety and we are constantly working in “fight or flight” mode. For many of us, this is the reality of life today as working parents, full time carers and busy career makers. 

There has long been discussion about the mind, body connection and research now proves there is a connection – emotions affect the physical body. How often have you felt sick (physical) with nerves (emotional)? How often have you had a headache (physical) when you have had prolonged stress (emotional)? How often do you lose your energy (physical) when you are sad (emotional) and thinking negatively about things (psychological)?

Healing the physical manifestation

It’s important, now we understand the link, to alleviate these physical symptoms before they become something more embedded and serious. Illness is dis-ease – the body is not at ease. As Pranic Healers, we treat the body, in person or via distance healing, for anything from headaches, to fever, broken bones to more chronic conditions. Healing yourself is paramount to enable you to look after others and it’s a gift to be able to also help your family, children and friends. The Level 1 Pranic Healing course immediately gives you the tools and skills you will need to get started – it’s easy and simple to follow – anyone can be a Pranic Healer!

Heal the underlying cause

As we can see, many physical ailments have their roots in the emotions we are experiencing every day. Chronic stress and worry can turn into high blood pressure, heart palpitations, digestive issues and many more ailments – from the simple tension headache to something more serious. It makes sense then to treat the underlying cause as well as the physical manifestation of it. 

Stress and anxiety are rooted in fear – fear is most often the cause in some way or another, of the negativity in the thoughts and feelings. Pranic Healing is an effective way to reduce stress, remove negative thoughts and emotions and tip the balance to the positive. Using meditation, you can nurture a calm, collected mind and a grounded and clear perspective which will in turn help you make the right decisions and handle anything that comes your way with resilience. Staying calm in the mind, calms the body and allows it to work at its optimal level.

To find out more about how you could use Pranic Healing to improve your physical, emotional and psychological health, take a look at our Self Development Levels 1, 2 and 3 courses here.