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A new approach for a new YOU!

As we hit the first monthly milestone of the year, one question on a lot of minds is how we are faring on our resolutions for 2022?

Are we actually keeping to them, making progress, or have we given up? And, if we have given up, what may we want to do differently to achieve different results?

What were your resolutions and 2022 goals?

For a lot of us, they tend to focus on a variety of areas like getting fitter, finding love, career progression and, also, financial goals. In a world full of distractions – yes, doom-scrolling social media, binge-watching Netflix, and closely following all the latest ongoings with the royal family all count – it is important to prioritise our goals and do what is needed to achieve them, whether it is making time or forgoing a fun outing or saving to invest in what is truly important to our growth. 

The great American writer Edith Wharton articulated it well when she said, ‘I know the only cure, which is to make one’s centre of life inside of oneself, not selfishly or excludingly, but with a kind of unassailable serenity’. 

So, how do we find this inner centre and unassailable serenity?

The sentiment expressed by Wharton early in the 20th century can be easily related to the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui, the modern founder of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, in the 21st century. This advice has stood the test of time and it is just about what we might be willing to do differently in order to achieve more positive results this time round.

Pranic teachings that are based on the energy aspect of things, people, experiences are a highly effective way to help us find and maintain inner peace, calm, clarity and focus so we are able to progress towards and manifest our goals.  There are also specific manifestation techniques taught by Master Choa, enabling us to set the right goals for ourselves and work towards them by creating the right energy conditions for the manifestation. Even just a simple change like building a consistent 20-minute meditation practice has the effect of enhancing the strength of one’s energy body. This has the obvious benefits of improving one’s health and vitality, as well as enhancing one’s ability to achieve one’s goals by reducing stress, increasing clarity of mind, focus and the ability to influence positive outcomes. 

Would you be interested in  learning more? You could start with the easy step of visiting one of our many weekly meditations and healing clinics to experience how energy works and speak to other practitioners about their experience. Find one that is convenient to you over here:

And if you would like to get on the learning path right away so you can join us for the prosperity courses we have coming up in September, please do check out the event schedule for an upcoming level 1 course. Check our upcoming courses.

We hope you will find much fulfilment as you learn and start applying the energy based teachings in your life and to your 2022 goals!