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The Wonders of Wesak

Once a year people from many different faiths and religious backgrounds come together to engage in the unique spiritual event of Wesak. This is the time of year when the moon is at its most powerful; a time to harness huge amounts of energy in blessing the Earth and every sentient being on it so that we can better serve others and ourselves; a time of good karma touching every one of us.

But how did Wesak begin?

Well, Wesak is also known as the Festival of Enlightenment, since it marks the birth, life and death of Lord Buddha, one of the Great Beings, who, much like Jesus, came to our planet to teach us how to live more fulfilled lives. Lord Buddha’s teachings transcend religion and can be used as a compass for us all – regardless of our belief system. This is why we revisit the lessons shared in the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path at this special time of year, to remind ourselves of these precious insights and to dedicate ourselves to carrying them out.

Lord Buddha’s quote ‘Nothing is permanent. Everything is subject to change. Being is always becoming,’ perhaps feels more apt as we reflect during this year’s Wesak, than it ever has before, particularly when we think universally of the things that have been going on in the outside world over the past few months…

Wesak is the ultimate annual opportunity for inner beauty and bloom. Through helping others and the planet, and committing to spiritual development practices, we can, quite literally, achieve miracles at this energetic time of year. Wesak is an event that generates tremendous amounts of prana (life force), and self-purification in the run up to Wesak is vital so the body can receive and use this energy as effectively as possible. Daily Twin Hearts meditation and salt baths are highly recommended! 

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Wesak 2022 takes place on May 16th. Wherever you find yourself celebrating Wesak in the world, may you experience joy, peace, blessings and abundance!