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The Ultimate Summer Self-Care

Hooray, the holidays are finally here!

For some of us this could mean a trip away to a long-yearned for, idyllic destination with family or friends. For others it could mean a quieter time and a break from routine closer to home. Even if we still have busy work schedules during the summer months, we can choose to make our days off serve our well-being better than ever before.

It’s all good.

Whatever our plans, we can benefit from the longer evenings and extra daylight that living in the Northern hemisphere brings, reveling in rest and relaxation, and enjoying the great outdoors and all that vitamin D and solar/tree/ground/air prana surrounding us. Often nothing does us more good than a simple stroll in nature. City park, beach or woods, our summer plans don’t need to be fancy. They just need to allow us to down tools and clear our minds so we can live more purposefully day-to-day.

This mid-way point in the year – or solstice – is a great time to reflect on the goals we set for ourselves when the new year started. Are we moving in the right direction with our health, relationships, career, finances, and spiritual practices? Do we need to make some lifestyle tweaks to get back on track? Summer is the perfect moment to be honest with ourselves and instigate these. There’s something quite magical about this season. Our energy is high, we move more, and we eat lighter – unless we find ourselves on an all-inclusive holiday, of course!

The change of scene from our usual routine helps us to remove ourselves not just mentally, but physically, from life’s challenges so that we can return to them after an hour/a weekend/a fortnight with renewed clarity and a sense of peace, moving around them like water as opposed to pushing the boulder of their burden uphill.

But there’s something more that we can do this summer to turbo boost our well-being like never before:

Learning Pranic Healing or deepening our study of its teachings, if we are already students by taking new PH courses, can be extremely beneficial. It enhances all of the above steps to well-being… and then some. In fact, if we haven’t yet booked ourselves a summer holiday, we might like to treat ourselves to that mind, body and spirit feeling of rejuvenation by taking a Pranic Healing course instead – or in addition to our plans. Ask the participants of any Pranic Healing course how they feel afterwards and the feedback is not dissimilar to spending a week relaxing on the beach, with the rewards continuing as they integrate the life-changing skills they have learnt.

The beauty of investing our time into a new routine over the summer is we can go at our own pace. We are all on a spiritual journey but that path is very unique to each of us. The small steps plant the seeds for great changes.

With this in mind, one of the best ways to bring about positive change in our lives is to carve twenty minutes out of our day to practise the meditation on Twin Hearts. When carried out regularly (daily is best), this very special meditation is unbeatable at delivering the feel-good factor. It flushes stress and negative energies from our chakras and aura, and it replenishes us with healing, soothing energy, so that mind, body and spirit are aligned. Schedule your meditation into your summer days so you can enjoy this special time of year all the more. We have many online meditation groups operating weekly. Twin Hearts is even more powerful when we come together to bless the earth.

And on that note, however you will be spending your summer days on this beautiful planet, may they be full of blessings!

Find out more about the Pranic Healing courses local to you by clicking on the link below: