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Take your learning to new heights in September

Would you like to expand upon your Pranic Healing skills?

Are you intrigued by the deeper teachings of Hinduism?

Do you want to make your professional and personal life more efficient and dynamic?

Could your levels of prosperity and abundance use a lift?

The teachings of Pranic Healing cover virtually every aspect of life. In September 2022 Pranic Healing UK and Ireland will be joined by Master Stephen Co, who is flying in from the U.S. to visit us in Reading, where he will deliver Pranic Healing students three wonderful higher level courses full of ancient wisdom and techniques that can be applied to their daily lives. 

Join us for one, two, or all three of these courses in this not-to-be-missed opportunity!

Inner Hinduism Revealed is a one-day self-healing and self-transformation course running on September 1st. Master Choa Kok Sui’s teachings will show you how to tap into the mysteries behind the Indian Deities so that you can integrate their unique energy in your everyday life. You will also learn about the many rituals, symbols, and mantras that are part of Hinduism, which is one of the world’s oldest religions. In fact, Hinduism’s core beliefs mirror those of many of the world’s religions, and they are as relevant and cherished now as they have ever been.

The many priceless tools and secrets that will be shared on the one-day Spiritual Business Management course on September 2nd, can be integrated into both your professional and personal life. Everything is energy, and by harnessing this energy (and understanding certain  spiritual laws), even the most ambitious plans and projects can be successfully achieved. You will also learn the skills required to relieve stress, improving focus and clarity of mind. When used on a regular basis, the techniques taught on this course can help you conquer any procrastination that might have been holding you back, so that your productivity soars. 

Kriyashakti is the manifestation of prosperity and abundance through the power of thought. It is both a science and an art. There are many popular books and theories surrounding the Law of Attraction, but Kriyashakti is the hugely powerful missing piece of the manifestation puzzle. This very special two day course (running from September 3rd to 4th) will guide you through powerful ancient principles to rid you of limiting beliefs and lingering energy patterns of negative thoughts surrounding worthiness. In addition to this, you will learn hands-on techniques to harness the power of prosperity and abundance – financially, mentally, and spiritually, since all three aspects work in harmony.

Typically, Master Stephen Co only teaches these higher courses in the UK every couple of years so there has never been a better time to sign up, enhance your Pranic Healing skills, and improve many aspects of your life!

For more information on all of the Pranic Healing courses offered throughout the year via Pranic Healing UK and Ireland  click on this link and get ready to be inspired.