Some frequently asked questions around Pranic Healing and the different events facilitated by the Institute of Pranic Healing UK & Ireland.

What can I expect from a Meditation on Twin Hearts Evening?

You’ll learn the science behind meditation in a relaxed, friendly, informal environment.
Through the practice of Meditation on Twin Hearts your internal condition is transformed.
You can use it to help rid yourself of anger. You will learn how to forgive those that may have hurt you and let go of your past thoughts and emotions that could have stopped you living a full life.
You can expect to leave feeling less stressed, calmer, happier with more mental clarity.
With regular practice you can inner peace and stillness.

What can I expect from my first Pranic Healing Course?

You will be trained to develop the basic skills and techniques in Pranic Healing in this practical and experimental class.
You will learn how to cleanse yourself of others diseased energies and how to protect yourself and cleanse your home and work environment. You will practice step by step ‘cook book’ techniques for many ailments, from asthma to anxiety.

You will also be taught distant healing and in depth self healing and advanced meditations.
Many of those who take the course don’t wish to be Pranic Healing Practitioners but do so for the personal develop aspect of the content.
You’ll learn how to rid yourself of negative thoughts and emotions that maybe holding you back in the various aspects of your life.

A common comment after the 2 day course is that it is ‘life changing’. Always judge a class by it’s content rather than how long it is – you’ll be amazed how much you’ll learn over the two days.

What can I expect from my first Pranic Healing session?

Your Pranic Healer will ask you to fill in a confidential data sheet, detailing the symptoms you are experiencing. They will explain the principles behind Pranic Healing and how it can help you.

They will carry out a comprehensive assessment then proceed to treat you using a specific protocol for your specific condition. They will explain the techniques they are using during this process.

You can expect a positive change within the first treatment. However, it’s recommended you book a minimum 3 sessions, for most ailments, to get the best out of the sessions.

You will also be given certain techniques that you can do between treatments to help the healing process.

How soon after taking a course can I start healing people?

From the moment you finish the class you are able to heal. It is advisable to start practicing immediately, otherwise you will not retain your skills.
You can make use of the book ‘Miracles Through Pranic Healing’ by Master Choa Kok Sui, that accompanies the course, this includes specific protocols for specific conditions.
The Institute facilitates regular nuturing sessions to help you hone and develop your skills and you are welcome to review courses for a nominal fee.

It is advised you obtain public liability insurance. The Institute can provide details of where to obtain this from.

My company wants meditation, how can I get this?

Your people are your most important asset and we can help transform how they feel and how their workplace feels.

Please get in touch with a Pranic Healer in your area and they can discuss how to go about this. The Institute facilitate both meditations and workshops to help every area of the work place.

What can I expect from an Energy Workshop?

The purpose of the workshops is to help you understand more about energy in and around you and how you can protect yourself from certain energies to enhance your well being.
There are various workshops available to help you develop both personally and professionally. Using an energetic approach you can enhance all aspects of your life e.g. relationships, physical/ mental/ emotional health, stress management and overall well being.