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The benefits of Twin Hearts Meditation 

We all know that meditation is the ideal way to switch off from a busy lifestyle and empty our minds of the incessant internal chatter. In today’s fast-paced world, incorporating quiet time into our daily routine has never been more important.

But where to start when there are a myriad of meditations out there and the choices can be as overwhelming as they are vast? Well, in Pranic Healing our main go-to is the simple-to-follow but highly effective Twin Hearts meditation for maximum life-changing results. 

Developed by Master Choa Kok Sui, the modern founder of Pranic Healing, Twin Hearts is a super beneficial guided meditation, whose amazing health and well-being effects have been studied and scientifically validated across thousands of Pranic Healing students for many years. In fact, both university and Kirlian photography experts have consistently shown us the huge array of positives taking place in the brain, body, chakras and aura after just a twenty minute Twin Hearts meditation, when it is carried out on a regular practice. 

What better way to ensure we maintain our good health? What better way to aid our recovery from ailments and injury?

The depth and range of benefits that Twin Hearts offers never ceases to amaze and is testament to the fact that it is all too often the simplest of life techniques that provide us with the greatest rewards. Not only is this meditation the ultimate way to relax, thanks to the heart and crown chakra becoming highly activated so that more divine energy can literally power shower the body, cleansing it of negative thoughts and emotions. With regular practice, Twin Hearts also sharpens the brain and brings greater mental clarity. Priceless stuff when it comes to not only our health but also our family and work life, since this clearer, eagle-eyed perspective on everyday situations enables us to react less to problems and confrontation, making for harmonious key relationships – in the home and the office.

Part of the Twin Hearts meditation also includes a specifically worded blessing to the Earth which incorporates the powerful prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi with its focus on love and forgiveness. It is in giving that we receive, and so Twin Hearts generates a tremendous amount of good karma into our lives, in all areas – even our businesses, our dynamic activity, and our financial growth!

For even greater benefits, why not join a physical or online Twin Hearts meditation session? Pranic Healing UK runs these regularly and they are a brilliant way to schedule the practice into the week. Just click on the link to find a group local to you or a suitably timed Zoom session – Meditation Schedule