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Embracing the Changing Season and the Seasons of Our Lives

Autumn’s magnificent paintbox is one of nature’s most powerful ways to remind us of the beauty of each new season. When we honour endings by letting go of the past and fully embracing life’s beginnings, there is much to be gained, especially when it comes to self-development. Of course, it’s easy to enjoy the picturesque and cosy side of this new entry on the calendar, when the first magical colour pops make us want to stroll in nature on a golden sunny day; curl up with a book and a mug of cocoa; watch fantastic fireworks; gather shiny conkers; pick pumpkins, and reacquaint ourselves with a favourite fluffy jumper. 

But as the wind howls, the temperature drops, the rain lashes and the bright light fades, the branches of autumn’s trees gradually lose their vibrant yellows, oranges, reds, purples and browns. All of which can affect our mood. Now we need to dig a little deeper to feel inspired, lest we find ourselves clinging to the coattails of summer. Indeed, there is no better teacher when it comes to change than the humble tree: centred and calm, patient and resilient, it simply goes with the flow of the seasons, innately knowing that stillness, peace and acceptance, are the only ways to weather the storm. 

Turning outward to take notes from nature is a gentle, effective and reflective way to help us remember that we are part of nature’s rich tapestry too. Guided by the ancient wisdom of the trees, we can better turn inward during the autumn, with a full heart and a smile on our face, knowing firstly that this too shall pass, and secondly that the fertile void of darkness is a place of miraculous things. We shed that which no longer serves us in the autumn, precisely so the re-growth can happen. Spring may seem a long way away but the magic of life is always taking place under the cover of darkness. 

Sometimes we find this process easier said than done. We might drag our heels and refuse to wear a coat, resulting in coughs and sneezes; we may find it hard to give up that extra glass or two of wine we’d enjoyed on a warm summer’s night; we could even be suffering from acute depression brought about by Seasonal Affective Disorder and lack of sunlight. But we don’t need to struggle, and we are far from alone. Just as Lord Buddha told us, the only constant in our lives is change. Better then not to fight it, but to kit ourselves out with some tried and tested techniques to ease us into this time of year.

–       Just as the trees have surrendered to the biorhythm of the Earth’s annual cycle, we can learn to embrace the best parts of every season, focusing our energy on the elements that fill us with joy. This goes hand in hand with the Danish concept of hygge and explains why the Danes are some of the happiest people on the planet. Our energy goes where we place our focus, after all. 

–       Just as the trees intrinsically know that they need to let go of their leaves, we need to let go of our emotional baggage; the things that are holding us back and weighing us down, so we can empty our cups (cleanse) to refill (energise). 

–       Just as the trees may have temporarily lost their outer radiance, their inner light burns as brightly as ever. And just as we might see our hair colour turn to grey and the skin on our face turn to wrinkles during the autumn of our lives, the true light of our incarnated soul can never be diminished or dimmed. Therein lies our authentic beauty.

Pranic Healing’s unique (and scientifically validated) Meditation on Twin Hearts can help us with all of the above aspects of seasonal adjustment and soul alignment. Setting aside just twenty minutes daily, this powerful and brilliant meditation cleanses us of negative emotions such as depression and stress, as well as unwanted psychological conditions such as addiction and procrastination, that are typically associated with this time of year.

Online Twin Hearts Meditation sessions are running regularly, and you can find one that suits your schedule, or even attend an in-person session held in a town or city near you. Details via the link below:

Let us not forget though, that autumn is also a time of thanksgiving and harvest. As the nights draw in and we gather together with family and friends, counting our blessings is a comforting and important ritual, particularly in the current economic climate. When we choose to reflect on all that we have, what we have multiplies. We literally plant the seeds for a new harvest with these thought forms of positivity and we get to feel good. 

Staying on the subject of abundance, Pranic Healing offers us a wealth of courses, and each of these, in turn, offers us simple and effective techniques to help us navigate the seasons of our own lives. There are a number of courses running up and down the UK and Ireland throughout autumn – and into Winter 2022/23 and beyond. In this season of great change, why not commit to your self-development by signing up for one today? Just click on the link below and we look forward to seeing you there!