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Don’t stress about it!


How often have you said to yourself that something is stressing you out?

Do you realise by saying these words alone you are compounding the situation?

Everything is energy even the thoughts you are having and the words that you speak.

By understanding that stress is an energy that we create depending on our reaction to a situation, we start to realise that by changing our response we can reduce and limit the amount of stress energy that we store within our system.

By adopting a non reactionary approach we can start to become calmer and more in control of thoughts and emotions.

A classic example is road rage. How do you react when someone suddenly pulls in front of you? Do you turn the air blue and wave your fist in anger or do you say no harm done, let it go and continue driving? Who suffers the most in the first example? Who’s the one that is left feeling stressed out?

By choosing how you react, not only do you limit the amount of stress energy you create you get to continue your day without feeling annoyed.

We can also pick up stress energy from our work and home environments.

“You can cut the air with a knife” is often used to describe the uncomfortable feeling a place can have. This can be explained in energetic terms as stress energy lingering in the area. It’s like a fog that just sits there and until it is cleared will continue to make you feel uncomfortable.

You can find out about techniques taught in Pranic Healing that can really change the atmosphere.

By moving, changing and doing something about it your life can become less stressed out.

By learning and using the tools and techniques taught in Pranic Healing you can transform how you feel and stop “stressing out” over things.

“Whether or not you have a better life depends on you. It depends on your attitude” MCKS