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Riding the Wave of Easter’s New Beginnings

As we come out of hibernation from the winter and de-shell those extra layers of clothing, Easter is the perfect time to let go of any other baggage that we might unconsciously be carrying. This year Easter has arrived early, giving us the opportunity to start spring cleaning not only our homes but our minds. And we can carry this sentiment on into the year throughout every season, helping our lives to get better and better.

Easter is also one of 3 very powerful full moons, making this even more of an ideal time to detox from the stresses and strains of life, so we can recharge those positive thoughts and behaviours. If we consider the effect that the moon has on the tide (and the way that it causes a wolf to howl in the movies!), it’s easy to imagine the effect it has on us. We are all made of energy. There is no exception to this rule. These special full moons act as a magnifying glass, creating more of what is currently going on in our lives, enhancing our thoughts, feelings and emotions. If we are experiencing chaos, it will feel like we’re going through an even greater spiral of drama. On the flip side, if our current life experience is calm and joyful, we will feel as if we’re standing in a waterfall of positivity. And better still, we will be in a position to share that with others.

There are so many ways we can go about spring cleaning at this time of year, but one of the most simple and effective is via the wonderful Twin Hearts meditation. In fact, this unique (and scientifically validated) meditation is so highly effective that the before and after can be compared to driving a car with a dirty windscreen… and then taking to the road with a sparkly clean one. Suddenly, everything becomes clear and life feels so much more enjoyable – mentally, physically, financially, and in our relationships. This special meditation also allows us to bless the earth, so we pay the positive energy forward to all of humanity.

You can find out more about Twin Hearts meditation sessions with the UK and Ireland Institute of Pranic Healing by clicking on this link:

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Easter blessings to you all!