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A New Approach to Mental Health and Wellness

Summer is on the horizon and many of us have exciting plans to spend time away with family and friends on the beach, in the countryside, or seeing the amazing sights of our great cities. The annual exodus from the stresses and strains of daily life can have fabulous effects on our well-being, giving us a much-needed opportunity to relax, refocus and recalibrate. There’s nothing like that feeling of renewal when we truly switch off and embrace all the wonderful things about a new environment.  

But when we get back home to face the pile of bills, and contemplate the return to work and routine over a cuppa, the soothing effects can quickly wear off as reality sets in. Our mood dips and we are soon back to square one: anxiety, depression and overwhelm worming their way into our days. And then there are the aches and pains that sneaked back home with us in the suitcase. The memories of our time out are lovely but the effects are – sadly – fleeting. 

So what if there was another way? A proven method to permanently set us free from the unwanted side effects of life?

Introducing Pranic Healing…

Pranic Healing is a revolutionary, non-touch energy system; a blend of Western science and the ancient wisdom of the East. As a healing modality, it has really taken off in the past few years, however, its teachings are timeless. Grand Master Choa Kok Sui was the modern day founder of Pranic Healing; a former chemical engineer who spent thirty years researching and developing a very specific and practical method of energy healing that could be applied to ailments ranging from the common cold to cancer, helping to alleviate suffering and promote wellbeing. Likewise, Pranic Healing can be applied to the whole spectrum of mental health conditions – from addiction and phobias, through to negative thoughts and emotions… with outstanding results.

Why not treat your whole self to a very different kind of holiday this summer?   

Pranic Healing therapists are highly skilled individuals with an excellent track record in dealing with numerous physical and psychological conditions. There is a protocol for everything; the focus being reversal of the energetic pattern. Pranic Healing therapists are based all over the UK and Ireland, just a phone call or email away, ready and happy to help. Following a thorough consultation, Pranic Healing sessions can be set up in person or even distantly, via phone or videolink, since there is no need for the patient to be in the same room for the energy to reach them. 

If you feel inspired to get in touch with a Pranic Healing therapist, just click on the link below to find out more: