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Moving on


“Do not be unhappy. The past is the past” MCKS

What are you holding on to?

Are you congesting your life with unnecessary hoarding?

Do you constantly need more storage at home, on your mobile and on your computer to contain all of your possessions & data?

Do you really need all of it?

It’s no different to the thoughts and emotions we cling on to everyday of our lives. Thoughts and emotions that can overwhelm and engulf our energetic system, like a tight knit cocoon that can eventually consume us and prevent us from moving forward in our lives. Preventing us from thinking straight or functioning as efficiently as we’d like to.

Do you realise that your mind creates between twenty and eighty thousand thoughts per day?

These thoughts are often related to words that have already been spoken, actions already carried out and deeds already done. We can’t change any of it, it’s happened, it’s over, it’s the past.

So we often find ourselves worrying about the past, creating anxieties about the future, generating thought after thought that serves us no purpose other than to take up storage space in our mind.

What are you thinking right now? What thoughts are filling your space? Once you can become aware of your thought patterns you can take the steps to clean and purify your head space.

Now imagine being able to clear your head space at will, on a regular basis. Not only will you feel lighter, clearer, more focused and able to cope with your busy life, you will be making space for more energy to flow around your system which in turn will leave you feeling, re-energised & revitalised.

Incorporating tools & techniques that really do work into your busy daily life is easy once you know how.

Are you ready to de-clutter and move on?