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The Magnificent Side Effects of Love 

February has arrived, and as we herald in winter’s final month, the world is once again festooned in a flurry of pink. Florists, greeting card shops, cafés, restaurants, hotels and even travel agents entice couples to declare their mutual adoration on the fourteenth of the month in seemingly bigger and bolder ways. Whilst this can be all things wonderful, it can often make those of us who do not have a romantic partner (or those of us with a romantically reluctant partner) want to bury our heads under the duvet and stay at home… or send ourselves a dozen red roses as an act of self-love. 

P.S. The latter is always a great idea.

But love is an emotion that all of us need in our everyday lives, just like the air that we breathe. Our marital status matters not a jot. Master Choa Kok Sui’s quote ‘Love is the food that makes your soul grow’ sums this up simply and perfectly. Without love, our minds, bodies and spirits will wither. Love in all its forms is essential to our human existence – to the evolution of our soul, to the evolution of the planet – and romantic love is just one facet of the diamond.

With this in mind, one of the things that Master Choa Kok Sui, the modern founder of Pranic Healing set out to do, was to help us develop our love muscle: the heart. Through the development of a very special meditation called the Meditation on Twin Hearts, MCKS’s knowledge and experience has enabled hundreds of thousands of people to safely activate their heart and their crown chakras, bringing about inner peace, illumination, and a greater tendency to give and share loving-kindness. 

Love of family and friends, love of strangers, and universal, planetary love for Mother Earth and all sentient beings. The effects of this scientifically validated meditation are truly phenomenal – extending to our physical and mental health too, but studies have shown that when, for example, Twin Hearts meditation students have gathered together to meditate for peace in a certain city or part of the world, within a short period of time, things have rapidly improved and that location’s issues have gone away. 

Everything is energy, and that certainly includes love. When we direct love towards others (or in the example above, towards a specific dot on the globe) miracles appear to happen. This isn’t wishful thinking, any more than it is an actual miracle, but a hidden law of the universe. And that’s what the scientific side of Pranic Healing is all about: tapping into the hidden laws of the universe to improve the lives of ourselves, our family and friends, and every human being on Earth. 

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day? What better way to celebrate the power we have to make a difference every day, when we weave loving-kindness into our thoughts, speech and deeds.

For more information on the Twin Hearts meditation, click this link  and to find a Pranic Healing course near you, take a look at our upcoming schedule.

Lots of love!