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Spring Clean your mind, spring clean your life

The sun is climbing higher in the sky, the vibrant colours of a fresh new season are peeking above the earth’s surface as golden daffodil trumpets and rich purple violets bask in their moment in the spotlight. Nature teaches us once again that even during the darkest and coldest times – when nothing seems to be happening in its barren landscape and we long for the light – this is exactly when the most profound transformation is occurring.    

Indeed, slowly but surely, we humans are also emerging from what has felt like a long hibernation. Now is the time to expel all that latent energy from winter, putting life-improving changes into place for a more harmonious existence as the year rolls on.

One of the best things about spring is the way it so naturally propels us to declutter and tidy up our lives. This is the optimum time of year to pull the weeds from our garden, and get our homes shipshape. We can think of the mind as our home too; it houses our many thousands of daily thoughts and the vast spectrum of our emotions, after all. 

Spring is also a great time of year to pull the weeds from our minds, bringing us ever more clarity and inner peace. Just as a gardener wouldn’t dream of planting new seeds and watering them until they had tidied up their vegetable patch, it’s vital that we take time out of our increasingly busy lives to flush out all the stress, negativity, and unwanted thoughts and emotions that build up in our psyche before we reprogramme our consciousness with positive thoughts and affirmations.

So how exactly do we do that? 

Pranic Healing has gifted us with an extremely effective way to cleanse and purify mind, body and spirit; the Twin Hearts meditation. When practiced regularly, ideally every day, this simple but advanced, and scientifically proven, meditation is the foundation of a human spring clean. As if that wasn’t good news enough, Pranic Healing’s courses also lead us step by step towards a more purposeful and blissful life. Students learn the crucial mind-body relationship at every level, cleaning up their auras and chakras consistently so that they are viewing life ‘properly’. It is literally the difference between trying to drive a car with a clear windscreen versus one that is covered in dirt. 

The Level 3 Pranic Psychotherapy course, in particular, is revolutionary, giving us the skills to apply protocols to numerous conditions of the mind, as well as addictions, fears and phobias. With this priceless toolkit at our disposal, we can help not only ourselves to live a simpler but richer life, but those around us too.

To find out why Pranic Healing is one of the world’s most effective energy healing modalities, combining the wisdom of ancient teachings with modern science, please visit our website. 

To find out about the Pranic Healing courses running in your part of the country, click on this link. We would also love to see you at one of our meditation sessions and you can learn more about the various centres (and online sessions) where these are held, right here.