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The key to peaceful relationships

Would you like to experience smoother, more meaningful relationships with your family, friends and co-workers? How about the people in your life who push your buttons and test your patience? Be honest and take a moment to think about it… In how many of the categories above can you find them? 

For most of us, that answer will be all three!

Energy is the basis of everything on the Earth, for everything in the universe. It is all that is. Our relationships with our parents, partners, children, siblings, friends and foes included. As Master Choa Kok Sui says, “we are living in an ocean of life energy.” Even if we can’t see energy, we can feel it when we walk into a room and there’s an ‘atmosphere’. It doesn’t matter that we weren’t there half an hour ago to witness the argument, particles of that toxic energy still remain and we will be susceptible to them. On the upside, we can also absorb happy, positive and uplifting energy. Just think back to the last time you experienced the euphoria of the crowd at a pop concert or a sporting event – whether you were physically in attendance, or you viewed it through a TV screen – to a higher or lesser degree, you will have felt, and been moved by, that very special energy.

Just as choosing the way we react to energy is important, having a greater awareness of the impact of our own energy, and that of others, as we go about our days and lives, is essential if we want to live blissfully and purposefully, fulfilling our destinies – helping others do the same. Whilst energy can never be created or destroyed, it can change form. It isn’t always practical for us to avoid certain people, places or scenarios, so this is where the energy-based healing modality, Pranic Healing comes into its own. By using simple (non-touch) techniques we can literally clear the air of negative energy and limit its impact on our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Straight off the bat, the level 1 Pranic Healing course teaches us step-by-step, easy to follow protocols that we can regularly apply to enhance the various relationships in our lives. Spoiler alert: many of these deal with our own negativity… since like attracts like, and the world (and the people) around us acts as a mirror, reflecting our own negative traits and the lessons we need to learn so that we can fine tune our thoughts, words and deeds!

As we progress through the many courses on offer with the Institute of Pranic Healing, we can become more and more adept at improving all of our relationships. But like anything, this requires constant work and a committed approach. The results, though, are worth their weight in gold.   

This year, the ultimate opportunity to develop our character is coming up in September!

Pranic Healing UK and Ireland’s bi-annual Arhatic Yoga retreat will be held in beautiful South Cerney, Gloucestershire, and there is still time to register:

We hope to see you there!