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How to Activate Your Birthright to Abundance

Whether we are born into prosperity or poverty, every single soul on the planet has the ability to improve their relationship with money. And it all starts with the mind. 

First, we need to remember that money is energy in a constant cycle. It is always on the move. Every time we receive money, it’s akin to taking a deep breath in. But in order to take that deep breath in, we need to exhale and empty our retention. This analogy can be applied to so many areas of our life, and that includes our finances and prosperity. We wouldn’t survive for long if we held our breath! Likewise, we block the natural flow of money and abundance if we stop giving and spending, or, conversely, if we refuse its appearance in our life by turning it away when it graces us in its various forms.   

As Master Choa Kok Sui, the founder of Pranic Healing explained: “Tithing is a Science: it is based on the Law of Karma. A person cannot harvest what he has not sewn.”

When we reframe the way we view money, we start to notice how many channels of prosperity have always surrounded us, and we can release ourselves from years of negative thinking and limiting beliefs. These have often been passed on to our subconscious by well meaning parents… whose own well meaning parents taught them the same. Nobody is to blame. When the time is right, we learn that things can be very different; that things have always been designed to be different. 

The other good news is that there are many tools and techniques we can learn and implement, even on a Level 1 Pranic Healing course, to continue to clear our minds of these negative thoughts and begin to change our karma (or luck). And Pranic Healing encourages us to validate everything. The more that we see our finances improve because we have started to take small steps towards a positive mindset, the more we come to realise how much we can be of service to our family and friends in times of need – and the wider world. Rags to riches stories are inspirational and exciting but there is so much more to an abundant life than large scale personal financial freedom.

The upcoming Pranic Healing UK and Ireland Arhatic Yoga Retreat has been created in such a way as to help us upgrade all areas of our life: spiritually and physically, boosting our relationships and our channels of prosperity. If you have taken the prerequisite courses, there is still time to sign up for this opportunity to step back from the modern world to recharge your batteries and invest in your future well-being and abundance. Just click on the link for more details: