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Stress Less and Take Back Control

Our world is getting faster and faster. With more choices, news reports, social media updates, and technology bestowed upon us daily – at a rate of change and growth in humanity’s evolution that would stun our ancestors – it’s no wonder that stress is now one of the most common types of emotion in the household and workplace. We are overwhelmed. We are perpetually struggling to keep up. Our to-do lists are longer than ever, our bucket lists are spilling over, the mind chatter is non-stop, and there seems to be endless things to worry about. So much so that most of us barely get a chance to catch our breath in our quest to multi-task, to be and to do everything, to cover all the bases!

Even if we are lucky enough to be in the blissed-out minority, living a calm and focused existence, our mood can soon change if we encounter a stressed out person; their energy literally rubbing off on us so that we suddenly find ourselves feeling frazzled and tense and wondering how on earth we allowed our emotions to dip? 

We might not be able to see energy but we can certainly feel it. When left to its own devices, stress energy can have a detrimental effect on all areas of our lives, and it can lead to other psychological ailments. Going back to the first paragraph, sadly there are few places where stress energy doesn’t exist. If it’s not already mentally and physically stored up in our body, then we need ninja-like stealth to avoid it when switching on the television, entering a boardroom, or even walking down the street.

Taking back control so that we stress less and power ourselves up is crucial if we want to maintain good health – in body, mind and soul; if we want to create harmony and balance in our relationships, finances, homes and careers.

One of the best ways to develop a deeper understanding of stress energy and its impact on the body’s energetic system, is via a Pranic Healing seminar or course. These are being run up and down the UK and Ireland and offer students valuable tools to alleviate stress in not only their own lives, but the lives of those around them – as well as preventative techniques to stop stress energy in its tracks. It’s a great way to improve well-being and clarity, and since Pranic Healing blends ancient healing methods with modern science, everything is validated. Even during a seminar or a course, students have the opportunity to verify the techniques that are taught to them. 

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