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Discipline When You Don’t Have Motivation

We have all been there. No matter the pace of our lifestyle, the strength of our willpower, the thoroughness of our diligence, the resources at our disposal, and the clarity of our vision, staying motivated as we work towards even the smallest of goals can sometimes feel like trying to nail jelly to a wall.

Creating well-defined habits and routines, and resisting the distracting daily temptations around us to achieve our long-term goals, is an art and a science. It’s all too easy for our minds to wander, hijacking our good intentions so that we put off until tomorrow the things that we can start today. And then before we know it… one week, one month, one year has passed by. But perhaps this isn’t surprising when we consider that we have an average of 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day, and eighty percent of those are negative ones!

So how do we stay in control of the mind and keep our chaotic thoughts and feelings in order?

As Master Choa Kok Sui says:

‘Remove your inner obstacles, then go for your target.’

By tapping into some very special, tried and tested techniques to combat impulsive behaviour, we can help ourselves stay on track to create a better life, and put a stop to years of procrastination. Some of these techniques are actually aeons old, yet they’re as relevant today as ever, fusing their timeless wisdom with modern science. They are simple to incorporate into our daily life, giving us sharper minds and helping us to focus on the things that are most important to us so that we live with more purpose and a real sense of following our destiny. 

Meditation is our powerhouse of a best friend.

There are many kinds of meditation out there and in Pranic Healing, the Twin Hearts meditation is our absolute staple, since its ability to clear the mind of negative thoughts and internal chatter is amazing and pretty unparalleled. Studies have shown that regular practice of this particular meditation can totally transform the unwanted habits of those who set aside twenty minutes a day for it.

Mastery of the mind, indeed!

Just click on the link above for more details. Twin Hearts meditation groups take place regularly at venues throughout the UK and Ireland. There are even Twin Hearts meditation group sessions online, making it easier for those of us who can’t always get out and about.

And to further empower our self-development journeys, there is a host of information on the Institute of Pranic Healing website about the Level 1 Pranic Healing course. This is the entry point for a complete life transformation and a veritable toolkit for jumping over even the toughest of procrastination challenges.

We look forward to seeing you there!