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We are all Spiritual

Would it surprise you to know that you are already spiritual? 

Whether we are aware of it or not, we all have a certain degree of spirituality’s top traits within us! Whilst these characteristics will differ from person to person, there is no right nor wrong, and we are all in the perfect place on our journey. But by being aware of our spiritual nature, we can choose to nurture the aspects of our personality that we would like to blossom, further accelerating our growth. Not only does this help us as individuals, but everybody around us can benefit, too. Since we are all interacting in a giant field of energy, the evolution of our spiritual growth even touches strangers. In other words, our commitment to develop our positive aspects can touch the whole of humanity! Isn’t that something?

A spiritual person is dynamic and courageous. They should also be kind-hearted, intelligent, powerful and honest, sharp and strong. If we stop to think about it, most people in our lives will display these qualities in varying amounts. As will we ourselves.

We are all on a spiritual journey. We cannot see gravity but we can feel its effects. In the same way, we know when we are acting in harmony with the best version of ourselves (with that spark of light within us). It’s in the little everyday acts where we can choose to show up… or not; being disciplined enough to eradicate our weaknesses, recognising the divine nature in another human being and sharing a smile, making sound decisions in the workplace that benefit the business, standing up for others in situations where they cannot stand up for themselves and it’s the morally right thing to do.

We don’t need to fill ourselves up to become more spiritual. Rather, we need to flush ourselves out. Daily non-negotiable spiritual practice is an excellent way to strengthen all of our most desirable qualities so that they become our default mode whenever we face obstacles and conflict. Gone are the days when the only way to experience inner peace would be to head to the mountains; modern-day spirituality acknowledges our busy lifestyle and is attainable with commitment and practice. It can be as simple as deciding that we will stop scrolling through the social media feeds on our mobile phone the moment the alarm goes off in the morning! In this way we honour ‘the gap’ and still our minds, setting ourselves up with the best of intentions for the day ahead as opposed to grabbing at the day and muddling our way through it. 

Why not join an online or in person meditation group? Pranic Healing UK and Ireland runs these sessions regularly for the very special (and scientifically validated) Twin Hearts meditation. This is a great way to schedule in some me-time, to de-stress and recharge. Just click on the link for more details and enjoy the stillness!